Shiatsu gently connects with you. Assessing appropriate pressure, speed, and movement as we create a personalized Shiatsu session for each client. Shiatsu focus is on the meridians (channels) and how they relate to the muscles, connective tissue, structural alignment, joints, nervous system and organ systems. We connect you to your own body’s ability to heal and have optimal health.

“Be your own superhero in your life and health.”


Tina Rea, LMT
Zen Shiatsu training from elite teachers including Pauline Sasaki, Cliff Andrews, Carola Beresford-Cook, and members of the Shiatsu School of the UK, Energy Healing with Bob White.

Personalized Touch

Tina Rea always treats with gently connecting with you. Assessing appropriate pressure, speed, and movement as she creates a personalized Shiatsu session for each client at every session no matter what health challenges the client might be dealing with.

Preferred Insurance Provider

Many health plans cover massage therapy services. Shiatsu is included under massage. I’m in the credentialing process with several insurance companies. Stay toned to this page, will update this page as soon as each insurance plan is authorized. You can also send me an email asking about a particular company.

MV is covered.

Holistic Health Maintenance

Energy balancing Shiatsu provides a physical, emotional, mental energy tune up to help support the whole you.


Healing from Illness or Injury

Recovering from physical & emotional challenges? Shiatsu work can release tight restrictive painful movement in your body internally and structurally. This includes currant and long standing illnesses and injuries. Helping to reduce the stress we feel and the effects of the stress. Enhancing your health and well-being throughout the body.

Recreational Weekend Warriors

Are you actively participating in life; hiking, biking, running, skiing, kayaking, gardening, remodeling your house? We spend our work days sitting at desks or walking/standing on cement all day, then want to be out and about active. This can contribute to stiff, sore, strained bodies.


Release Tension, Relieve Pain

I first saw Tina to release tension, relieve pain, for relaxation and stretching. After a Shiatsu session I feel re-energized and re-balanced. The stretches have helped with my chronic pain. Going too long between sessions makes me feel incomplete and unbalanced. I appreciate Tina’s flexibility with appointment times when my schedule changes. Keep doing what you’re doing. Just wish the sessions weren’t so short!

Joyce B.

I Love Shiatsu

Tina cares deeply about the health success of her clients. She creates a total integrated health plan that is personalized to me. I came in to see her for unresolved pain from muscle injuries that were not healing. I love Shiatsu. It’s very relaxing yet invigorating way to bring my body back into balance.

Sandy H.

Feeling So Much Better

Tina Rea is part of my wellness ‘team’ keeping me going strong on 26 years of living HIV positive. She has seen me through many health challenges and I always come out of a treatment feeling so much better. Keep doing what you’re doing. Just wish the sessions weren’t so short! Thanks my dear friend! Love You.

Kathyn V.

Shiatsu is Great!!!

Shiatsu is Great!!! My health and well-being are improved by my sessions. Tina is professional, personable, knowledgeable and helpful.

Marilyn J.

De-stress and Energize

I met Tina through a friend and discovered that shiatsu could de-stress and energize me at the same time. When I badly injured my ankle, Tina’s work helped decrease pain and swelling, so I could keep improving. After a session, I am relaxed, invigorated, and renewed. Wish I could extend these sessions for hours! Go Tina!

Laura E.

About Shiatsu for Health

About Tina Rea

Hi! I’m Tina Rea, LMT, Shiatsu practitioner and owner of Shiatsu for Health in Portland, Oregon.

My practice is now part of Winding Willow Acupunture and Wellness, where many kinds of health insurance are accepted. An integrative clinic with a team of caring, talented practitioners and supportive staff located in SE Portland. I have worked at immune clinics as well as Terwilliger Plaza retirement facility. Clients that see me are looking for improved health and well-being, improved energy, alignment, circulation and energy. At the clinics my clients had cancer, MS, HIV/AIDS, or other autoimmune diseases. Working with these conditions taught me a great deal about illness, its effects on the body while learning how to better serve all my clients. 

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a form of massage from Japan unlike other forms of massage. There are no oils or lotions used. Client wearing loose comfortable fitting clothes like yoga pants with a t-shirt. The treatments are traditionally done on a futon on the floor. If you have difficulty getting down or up from the floor a massage table can be used.

Shiatsu means finger pressure. It includes pressure applied from the thumbs, palms, elbows and possibly knees along the meridians or information pathways located in the fascia. Think Acupuncture without needles.