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Are you ready to start feeling better today?

Shift how your body feels, shift how you feel in your body.

Welcome to Shiatsu for Health, located in downtown Portland. Tina Rea has been a Licensed Shiatsu Massage Practitioner for over 20 years. Shiatsu is a total mind and body experience treating your muscles and your energy – leaving you relaxed and helping to get your energy “unstuck.”

Learn to connect to your bodies own ability to heal. To feel connected and engaged with your healing.

"Be your own superhero in your body and health."

If you are looking for a new massage therapist, we invite you to try Shiatsu. It’s different from a traditional Swedish massage, with similar and extended results. You can learn more here, or schedule your first appointment. 

If you’ve had a Shiatsu massage before, you know the incredible experience it is. Let’s get you scheduled for your next appointment.