Intuitive painting of your energetic landscapes

Have you ever seen colors, shapes, images, or words while meditating, receiving massage, acupuncture, or listening to music? Have you ever wondered about these colors and shapes

This is an expression of your energy. A message of discovering, a wakeful dream emerging; an energetic landscape. 

Let’s have some fun!  Learn how to connect to your body’s energy and paint your ‘Energyscapes’ through movement, play, meditation, dance, yoga, journaling, laughter and more. Discover you!

Join me in play as you create what see in your mind’s eye. Materials will include acrylic paint, colored pens, watercolor colored pencils, pastels, and other surprises!

‘Energyscape’ paintings can be used for inspiration, discovery and letting go of things that no longer serve your positivity and proactivity.

All supplies provided: Paintbrushes, paper, small canvases, acrylic paints, watercolors, pastels, colored pencils, oil pastels, pens and pencils, and more.


Schedule an Energyscapes Class

Want to schedule an ‘Energyscapes’ class? Let’s pick a date and gather some friends to come play. Class size limited to eight due to table size.

  • Two hour class $45
  • Four Hour class $65

Interested in creating a special event or activity at an event?

Let’s talk and see what we can create together.