Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu focus is on the meridians (channels) and how they relate to the  muscles, connective tissue, structural alignment, joints, nervous system and organ systems. Connecting you to your own bodies ability to heal and have optimal health. The work is done through loose comfortable clothing, like yoga pants and t-shirt. Traditionally you lay on futon. If you are unable to get on futon, a table is available.

Why Shiatsu instead of other forms of massage?

Most clients experience a deeper relaxation and a since of more energy. While the focus is on the meridians, the muscles and all the connective tissues is worked on as well. Allowing deeper release of tension.


Does it hurt?

There may be points or areas of sensitivity. During the session i will check in with you. Especially areas that tend to be sensitive.

Do you have to have a major health issues for Shiatsu to be helpful?

No. Shiatsu is very helpful with sleep issues, digestive challenges, physical and emotional stress, aches and pains of daily life, healing from injury or surgery. Supporting you and your sense of well-being.

Can Shiatsu help when you are feeling out of sorts, not yourself?

Life can be very busy. Making us feel out of sorts and not ourselves. Shiatsu helps you reset. Connecting you to you. Create more movement and energy in your body and your life. 

Due to an injury I can’t get on a futon on the floor. Can you work on a table?

Yes. I keep one on site.

What are some of the common issues, conditions you work with?

Headaches, digestive issues, sleep challenges, aches and pains of muscles and joints.

Is Shiatsu helpful for autoimmune illness like cancer, MS, HIV, lupus, arthritis etc?

Yes. Support of the immune system is one of the key benefits of Shiatsu. Helping to reduce the signs and symptoms of the condition you are dealing with.