What? Has Tina finally gone crazy?

We are a culture of schedules and to do lists. We tell anyone and ourselves who will listen, “I’m to busy to ……..”, fill in the blank.

Life is about living, playing and experiencing joy. We can fit a date into our everyday life. Sometimes it just takes a little imagination.

I love to dance. Yet, I don’t go out dancing. This doesn’t stop me from cranking the stereo, dance like no one is watching and sing off tune with a smile on my face. Mama Mia gets me going every time.

Maybe you love opera. Put on your favorite opera or one you’ve always wanted to see. Headphone on, close your eyes and imagine you are there.

Take a hike in Forest Park without your headphones or head to the gorge for a hike.

Go kayaking, fishing, bowling, play tennis or golf.

Go to a museum or gallery of art, trains or Legos.

Has it been a long day? Take a hot bath with tea or a glass of wine. Play some soft music and light candles.

Have fun! Date your beautiful self!