The chakras

Shiatsu can help a wide range of conditions, illnesses and injuries. From musculoskeletal, emotional and autoimmune. Issues in one area of our health can affect others; stress can affect your digestion, sleep, circulation and tight painful muscles. Some chronic or reoccurring conditions Shiatsu has shown to help include, headaches, PMS, menopause, digestive challenges, fatigue, insomnia, fatigue, fibromyalgia, MS, stress, anxiety, along with musculoskeletal and joint pain due to injury and surgeries, stroke, arthritis and joint replacement.

Shiatsu can help reduce the signs and symptoms of autoimmune illnesses, including those caused by medication or surgery. Autoimmune illnesses include; cancer, MS, HIV/AIDS, ALS, IBS, PTSD, Lupus. You are not your illness, condition or symptoms. Shiatsu focuses on the person. Helping to reduce physical and emotional stresses while increasing energy and sense of wellbeing. Shiatsu works on the whole body to reduce pain and inflammation and increase circulation and deeper relaxation.