Shiatsu Services

Shiatsu is a form of massage from Japan unlike other forms of massage. There are no oils or lotions used. Client wearing loose comfortable fitting clothes like yoga pants with a t-shirt. The treatments are traditionally done on a futon on the floor. If you have difficulty getting down or up from the floor a massage table can be used.

Shiatsu means finger pressure. It includes pressure applied from the thumbs, palms, elbows and possibly knees along the meridians or information pathways located in the fascia. Think Acupuncture without needles.


For in-person sessions, contact Portland Family Health to see Tina!

Portland Family Health,
4004 SE Woodstock, Portland OR.
To schedule a session with me, call 503-777-0444.

You will be informed of the latest clinic Covid-19 Procedures when the appointment is made.

Guided Self-Shiatsu by Appointment

I have created a new type of Shiatsu session – Guided Self-Shiatsu. This is a guided, 60 minute one-on-one session online. This will consist of consultation, guided diagnosis through focus and visualization.

We will be a variety of exercises, breathing, Shiatsu stretches and exercises, Qigong, Yoga, Meditation, Self-acupressure. Many of us have taken yoga, Qigong and workout classes online. Now Shiatsu.

We have also created a new appointment type – Self-Shiatsu Supervision. We can offer an energy-based 60 minute one-to-one session online, with your own practitioner. This will consist of a consultation, guided focusing and visual diagnosis – with a range of activities to reduce stress and support your immune system.

We’ll be offering a range of appropriate exercises based on focusing, breathing, Shiatsu stretches & exercises, Qigong, Do-In, Yoga, Meditation and Self-acupressure – depending on your needs. All appointments are by ‘pay what you can afford’ donation and no minimum fee.

Distance Healing – Shiatsu Style

Tina has been trained in giving Distance Healing – this can be delivered with the knowledge of the body that we have in Shiatsu. Please contact Tina directly if you would like to try one of these healing sessions.

Payment is by donation.

Promote health and well being at a special online event!

Contact Tina about presenting at your virtual event!

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