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Tina Rea is part of my wellness 'team' keeping me going strong on 26 years of living HIV positive. She has seen me through many health challenges and I always come out of a treatment feeling so much better.

Not only can she read my body and mind like a book, but she often gives me homework to do. I can't say enough about Shiatsu massage when it is given by such skilled healing hands. 

Thanks my dear friend! love you.

- Kathyn V.                                                                                       

I first saw Tina to release tension, relieve pain, for relaxation and stretching. After a Shiatsu session I feel re-energized and re-balanced. The stretches have helped with my chronic pain. Going too long between sessions makes me feel incomplete and unbalanced. I appreciate Tina’s flexibility with appointment times when my schedule changes.

Keep doing what you're doing. Just wish the sessions weren't so short!

- Joyce B

Tina cares deeply about the health success of her clients. She creates a total integrated health plan that is personalized to me. I came in to see her for unresolved pain from muscle injuries that were not healing.

I love Shiatsu. It's very relaxing yet invigorating way to bring my body back into balance.

-Sandy H

Shiatsu is Great!!! My health and well-being are improved by my sessions. Tina is professional, personable, knowledgeable and helpful.

Keep on keeping on Tina.

-Marilyn J

I met Tina through a friend and discovered that Shiatsu could de-stress and energize me at the same time. When I badly injured my ankle, Tina's work helped decrease pain and swelling, so I could keep improving. After a session, I am relaxed, invigorated, and renewed. 

Wish I could extend these sessions for hours!  Go Tina! 

-Laura E 

Tina Rea, LMT 

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