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Tina Rea, LMT

Hello, I'm Tina Rea, LMT owner of Shiatsu for Health in Portland, Oregon. 

Like most people from time to time I have had various issues effecting my health. Sometimes they are miner like colds or having a very tight neck and shoulders. Other times they require more attention, as in knee injuries and surgeries that follow. 

Over 20 years ago I started my practice. Dividing my time between my private practice and working at an auto immune clinic, IEP, The Immune Enhancement Project. working with clients with cancer, MS, HIV/Aids along and other autoimmune illnesses. This clinic has taught me a great deal about illness, its effects on the body while learning how to better serve all my clients. 

My goal; help you reduce pain, increase movement, decreas the effects of stress while supporting your immune system.

Are you ready to start feeling better today?

Shift how your body feels, shift how you feel in your body.

Want to learn more about Shiatsu? Check out the "About Shiatsu" or "Shiatsu History" pages. 


Tina Rea, LMT 

Shiatsu for Health


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