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imageThe importance of living in harmony with nature is a central part of this system. Another important aspect of health is who we are as individuals. The foods we eat, how much sleep we get, the emotional and physical stresses and joys in our lives all affect our internal balance.

Prolonged disharmony over time can cause pain, headaches, backaches, digestive issues, insomnia and depression. If not addressed, disharmony can compromise the immune system, contributing to various autoimmune problems. Ki (the universal life energy), flows through the body, forming a link between organs and vital functions. By stimulating the Ki energy and its flow, we can restore harmony.

A sense of balance and harmony is key to your well-being. Be aware of what you eat and how it makes you feel. What physical activity energizes you; walking, running, yoga, Tai-chi? How much sleep do you need compared to how much you get? What helps you get into balance and stay in balance?
Your health is very important to me. I may recommend stretches or exercises you might add to your routine, When your needs fall outside of my training and knowledge, I may suggest other qualified therapists and practitioners. Shiatsu can be an intrinsic part of a healthier life. A great compliment to acupuncture, naturopathic, chiropractic and western medicine.

Pain Relief
Excess of Ki energy or activity in the body can produce pain. Areas where there is depletion of Ki can feel stagnate a

nd tired. By stimulating the Ki within the body, pain is allowed to release and dissipate. Areas of stagnation open up and we feel more energized

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